Is your rental property water efficient? And why does this matter?    





If so, your house must meet the minimum criteria to charge water usage of your rental property including meeting water efficiency standards.
Do you know the 'water efficiency' criteria for rental properties here in NSW? There are many 'traps' that landlords can unintentionally fall into when leasing a tenanted property.
For example: Are you charging your tenants' water usage?
It may be considered common knowledge that a rental premises must be individually metered and that charges mustn’t exceed the billed amount for water usage by the water supplier … but do you know that a rental premises must meet required ‘water efficiency’ standards?

If your rental property doesn’t meet the water efficiency standards you are NOT legitimately able to charge your tenants for water usage.
If you do and your rental property is not meeting water efficiency standards you are liable to refund any/all water rate fees for water used that you have charged your tenant in the event of your tenant challenging your right to pass on these costs to them as the tenant in this instance*.

As property managers we understand just how crucial it is to have adequate cover as a landlord and avoid unforeseen expenses and that part of this is being aware of what you can and cannot charge your tenants as a landlord according to latest legislation.

For our NSW landlords we recommend frequenting the NSW Fair Trading Government site for all the latest in legislation that affects you as a landlord.

Here at home the team and I are continually updating our knowledge and passing on to our landlords the latest legislation for residential tenanted properties in NSW. Here we provide you some guidelines as seen on the NSW Fair Trading government site, for what is considered a ‘water efficient’ rental property:

A rental property is considered water efficient if it meets these standards:

Water efficient devices: 

Internal cold water taps and single mixer taps for kitchen sinks and bathroom hand basins.
The requirement for sink and basin taps to have a maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute does not apply to other taps in the premises, such as bathtub taps, laundry taps, outside taps for the garden, or taps which supply washing machines and dishwashers.
You do not necessarily need to change the showerheads and tap fittings. The water efficiency measures can be achieved simply by installing aerators or regulators to existing taps and showerheads and fixing any leaking taps on the premises.

How do I know and prove my rental property is meeting 'water efficiency' standards?

As part of our comprehensive ingoing Condition Report, our property managers here at Home Specialist Property Management will note water efficiency measures for the premises. If there is any uncertainty on a water efficient tap and/or conditions required for meeting ‘water efficiency standards’ we can conduct simple tests or advise our landlords to have a plumber look at and amend any water dispensing device if required.
Managing rental properties for our landlords and property investors is definitely a partnership and therefore we consider your best interests as our best interests.
If you have any questions with regards to water efficiency standards for your rental property and/or would like more information about this matter you can visit the NSW Fair Trading government site’s outline of ‘passing on water charges’ to your tenant.



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