Anyone noticed it’s just that little bit darker in the mornings now? That the sun is disappearing a little quicker when you knock off work? This can mean only one thing,  BOOM it’s autumn and we are officially one third of our way through the year. 
But, before you start crying into your circle towel and iced frappe, we’ve got a bunch of things to do in and around Sydney this autumn and it’s going to keep you busy, well fed and darn right fabulous over the next few months. Let’s do this.

1. Autumn is the perfect time to start that exercise routine you didn’t quite get around to in summer.
2. Get cultured and take a fun little ferry ride to the 20th Biennale of Sydney. 
3. Let’s face it, everything can be made better with a good ol’ belly laugh and the Sydney Comedy Festivalwill give you just that. 
4. Yes you can go chasing waterfallsin Autumn.
5. Have a beer and pat a dog at these dog friendly bars in Sydney.
6. Check out White Rabbit Gallery’s latest exhibition. 
7. Join the party at the Mardi Gras Parade.
8. Grab some organic vegies, potentially for your pie, and swan around being fabulous at the Bondi Farmers Markets.
9. Kick back with a few brews and some beats at Party in the Park.
10. The Australian Open isn’t just for tennis, head to Manly for the Australian Open for Surfing and see Angus + Julia plus Cloud Control.
11. Taste everything that is great about Sydney at Taste of Sydney.
12.Get your hunt on at the Great Easter Egg hunt, bring a team to score more eggs.
13. Pay your respects at an ANZAC Day dawn service.
14. Enjoy the drive to Hunters Hill on the way to their Food and Wine festival.
15.Get down to business with some bloom at the Oh Flora autumn centre piece workshop and blatantly gloat about your talents when you gift them to friends. 
16. Work your way through our 16 food trends for 2016 starting with dessert at breakfast.
17.  Round up all the leaves you can find and either run, stomp or crawl your way through them.
18. Finally learn to master the art of baking a pumpkin pie and then bring it to every dinner party this season.
19. Say a big fat hello to the great outdoors and hike to the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains.
20. Take a hot air balloon ride because a.) romance and b.) views.


by PBA Property Management                                                                                                                                                                                                             3/3/2017